Using the JRuby Profiler

In addition to the profiling tools you saw in VisualVM, JRuby has its own built-in profiler. You can enable this feature by adding the --profile option when starting a JRuby process. To test it out, run the following command:

 $ ​​ruby​​ ​​--profile​​ ​​-S​​ ​​bin/puma

Make a few page requests, and then kill the process by pressing Ctrl-C. This will dump some statistics to the console that look like this:

 Total time: 19.08
 total self children calls method
 17.97 0.05 17.91 50 Kernel.load
 16.84 0.00 16.84 1 Puma::CLI​#run
 16.84 0.00 16.84 1 Puma::Single​#run
 12.88 12.88 0.00 1 Thread​#join
  5.62 0.03 5.59 6215 Kernel.require
  4.27 0.01 ...

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