38 Deployment Guide Series: ITCAM for Response Time V6.2
The installation environment that we use is shown in Figure 4-1.
Figure 4-1 Sample environment
4.2 Installing application support files for Windows
Before you can view data collected by monitoring agents, you must install and
enable application support for the agents. Application support files provide
agent-specific information for workspaces, helps, situations, templates, and other
data. This section describes how to install application support files for Windows.
Note: If you have previously installed ITCAM for Response Time Tracking,
Version 6.1, you must uninstall it from your environment and verify that the
following DLLs are deleted before installing ITCAM for Robotic Response
Time or ITCAM for Client Response Time:
򐂰 c:\windows\system32\libarm4.dll
򐂰 c:\windows\system32\libarm32.dll
򐂰 c:\windows\system32\armjni4.dll
򐂰 c:\windows\system32\armjni.dll
򐂰 c:\windows\system32\armcli.dll
򐂰 c:\windows\system32\libarm4net.dll
Tivoli Enterprise Monitoring Server
Tivoli Enterprise Portal Server
Tivoli Enterprise Portal
Warehouse Proxy
EndUser Dashboard Agent
WebSphere Application Server ND
Web Response Time Agent
Robotic Response Time Agent
Client Response Time Agent
Rational Performance Tester
Chapter 4. Installation and configuration 39
All monitoring agents require that application support be configured on all
instances of the following infrastructure components:
򐂰 Tivoli Enterprise Monitoring Server (both hub and remote monitoring serves)
򐂰 Tivoli Enterprise Portal Server
򐂰 Tivoli Enterprise Portal Desktop Client
See your IBM Tivoli Monitoring administrator and collect the Tivoli Enterprise
Portal Server host name, Tivoli Enterprise Monitoring Server name, Tivoli
Enterprise Monitoring Server host name, and the protocol settings for the Tivoli
Enterprise Monitoring Server that you are going to connect with.
1. Stop the Tivoli Enterprise Monitoring Server, or the installation wizard will
automatically stop the Tivoli Enterprise Monitoring Server.
2. Run setup from the WINDOWS subdirectory on the agent installation media.
3. Click Next on the Welcome window.
4. Verify that the required versions of IBM GSKit and IBM Java Runtime
Environment are installed and click Next, as shown in Figure 4-2.
Figure 4-2 Install prerequisites
Note: The monitoring server is stopped during this process.
40 Deployment Guide Series: ITCAM for Response Time V6.2
5. Click Accept on the software license agreement.
6. In the Select Features window (Figure 4-3),
uncheck Tivoli Enterprise
Monitoring Agents, as we are not installing the agent, just the application
support files. Click Next.
Figure 4-3 Select features
Chapter 4. Installation and configuration 41
7. The Agent Deployment window opens, as shown in Figure 4-4. IBM Tivoli
Monitoring provides the ability to deploy resource monitoring across your
environment from a central location, the monitoring server. You can use the
remote deployment feature to deploy and configure monitoring agents. To
add the agent to the deployment depot, select the agent and click Next.
Figure 4-4 Agent deployment
Note: You do not need to enable remote deployment for the End user
Dashboard agent, as it is the only one to be installed in the IBM Tivoli
Monitoring environment.
42 Deployment Guide Series: ITCAM for Response Time V6.2
8. Review the installation summary details. Click Next to start the installation, as
shown in Figure 4-5.
Figure 4-5 Installation summary

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