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Chapter 5. Troubleshooting, hints, and
In this chapter, we discuss troubleshooting methods, hints, and tips for running
Tivoli Continuous Data Protection for Files. We cover potential installation issues
and replication problems using an external device, a Web-based Distributed
Authoring and Versioning (WebDAV) server and an IBM Tivoli Storage Manager
server. We provide information about the log files used by Tivoli Continuous Data
Protection for Files and show how to trace the program.
In particular, we cover the following topics:
򐂰 “Installation issues” on page 256
򐂰 “Replication issues” on page 291
򐂰 “System operation and log files” on page 347
򐂰 “Tracing” on page 351
Note: While installing, configuring, and operating Tivoli Continuous Data
Protection for Files, you might experience various issues. We cover common
issues. It is not possible to cover all potential problems. If you face a problem
that we have not described, follow the normal support procedure to contact
your local IBM support personnel. This chapter helps you gather information
that you can hand over to IBM support personnel for deeper problem analysis.

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