Timeline of Algorithms

The following timeline outlines the development of algorithms since their inception.

Before 1940:

•   C. 2000 BC


Indian mathematicians invent zero, decimal and positional number system, algorithms for arithmetic operations.

•   C. 1600 BC


Babylonians develop first algorithms

•   C. 1000 BC


Indians (Narad Purana) algorithms for square and cube roots

•   C. 800 BC


Indians (Sulba Sutra) pre-invent Pythagorus theorem

•   C. 600 BC


Panini gives Data Structures and Algorithms for phonetics, phonology, word morphology and syntax of Sanskrit grammar, formal language theory, symbolic representation and functions

•   C. 300 BC


Euclid’s algorithm

•   C. 200 BC


The Sieve of Eratosthenes


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