Appendix AThe Right Design Choices

Twenty Reminders for Working Designers

1 Have a concept.

2 Communicate; don’t decorate.

3 Speak with one visual voice.

4 Use two typefaces maximum.

5 Show one thing first.

6 Pick colors on purpose.

7 If you can do more with less, do it.

8 Negative space is magical.

9 Treat type as image.

10 Keep type friendly.

11 Be universal; it’s not about you.

12 Squish and separate: create rhythms in density and openness.

13 Firecrackers and rising sun: distribute light and dark.

14 Be decisive.

15 Measure with your eyes.

16 Make what you need; don’t scavenge.

17 Ignore fashion.

18 Move it! Static equals dull.

19 Look to history, but don’t repeat it.

20 Symmetry is the ultimate evil.

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