Chapter 16 Putting the Six Minds to Work: Appeal, Enhance, Awaken

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Putting the Six Minds to Work: Appeal, Enhance, Awaken

At this point we have completed contextual interviews, extracted interesting data points from each participant, and organized them according to the Six Minds. We’ve also segmented the audience into different groupings. It’s time to put that data to work and think about how it should influence our products and services.

In this chapter I’ll explain exactly what I mean by appealing to your audience, enhancing their experience, and awakening their passion. A summary might be:

  • What would appeal to a user immediately so they buy into the product or service?
  • What aspects of the product or service would keep a customer happy by providing utility and a great long-term experience?
  • How might the product or service help users realize their deepest goals and desires?

We’ll look at the type of Six Minds data that we would use to do those things. And as usual, I’ll give you some examples of how to put all of this into practice.

Appeal: What People Say They Want

Our first focus is all about appealing to your customers. A digital reference point for this section is the popular website Cool Hunting ( If you’re not familiar with the site, it essentially curates articles and recommendations on everything from trendy hotels to yoga gear to the latest tech toys. What are the hot new trends that people are looking for and saying that they want? ...

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