6Simplified Hand Calculations

6.1 Flow Chart of a Typical Design Process

It is often necessary to take a bird's‐eye view of a design process highlighting the different ingredients. Figure 6.1 shows a typical flowchart of a foundation design.

Flowchart of a design process from Obtain the loads on the foundation and classify them, Obtain Site Investigation Report, and Design criteria to Select a foundation and choose dimensions to satisfy the ULS…, etc.

Figure 6.1 Flowchart of a design process.

As may be observed, the main ingredients for foundation design are:

  1. (a) Loads on the foundation under different scenarios
  2. (b) Site investigation, i.e. ground conditions
  3. (c) Criteria for design

This chapter provides the following examples:

  1. Target frequency of a turbine
  2. Stiffness of a monopile foundation using three types of method: simplified, standard, and advanced methods
  3. Stiffness of a mono‐caisson
  4. Estimation of loads on a monopile foundation through the use of spreadsheet type program
  5. Natural frequency of a monopile‐supported wind turbine ...

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