Abbreviations and Symbols

A linear current density, [A/m]
A magnetic vector potential, [Vs/m]
A magnetic vector potential scalar value, [Vs/m]
A temperature class 105 °C
AC alternating current
AM asynchronous machine
A1-A2 armature winding of a DC machine
A1n, A2n, A3n factors for defining permanent magnet flux density
a number of parallel paths in windings without commutator: per phase, in windings with a commutator: per half armature, diffusivity
B magnetic flux density, vector [Vs/m2], [T]
B magnetic flux density scalar value, [Vs/m2]
Br remanent flux density, [T]
Bsat saturation flux density, [T]
B temperature class 130 °C
B1-B2 commutating pole winding of a DC machine
b width, [m]
b0c conductor width [m]
bc conductor width [m]
bd tooth width, [m]
bdr rotor tooth width, [m]
bds stator tooth width, [m]
br rotor slot width, [m]
bs stator slot width, [m]
b0 slot opening, [m]
bv width of ventilation duct, [m]
C capacitance, [F], machine constant, integration constant, fabrication cost, [€]
C temperature class >180 °C
C1-C2 compensating winding of a DC machine
Cf friction coefficient
CM torque coefficient
Cs saving cost per year, [€/a]
c specific heat capacity, [J/kgK], capacitance per unit of length, factor, divider, constant
Cdiff increase of the purchase cost, [€]
ce energy cost, [€/kWh]
cp specific heat capacity of air in constant pressure
Cpw cost per one kilowatt of loss over the life of motor, [€/kW] ...

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