The following code simulates the use of a PS/2 keyboard in a USB bus. It defines a PS/2 keyboard (adaptee), a USB device interface (target), a PS2ToUSBAdapter (adapter), and the wires to link in order to make the device work:

package gof.structural.adapter;import java.util.Arrays;import java.util.Collections;import java.util.List;class WireCap {  WireCap link = WireCap.LooseCap;  private Wire wire;  publicstatic WireCap LooseCap = new WireCap(null);  public WireCap(Wire wire)   {    this.wire = wire;   }  publicvoid addLinkTo(WireCap link)   {    this.link = link;  }  public Wire getWire()   {    return wire;  }  public String toString()   {    if (link.equals(WireCap.LooseCap))    return "WireCap belonging to LooseCap"; return "WireCap belonging to " + wire ...

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