Maryland Institute College of Art / Virginia Comm
Communication / University of Ljubljana / The Ar
of Art and Design / American University of Sharja
versity of the Arts / Academy of Fine Arts of Bolog
/ Suzhou Art and Design Technology Institute / B
Split / Maryse Eloy School of Art / University of A
Group Research Center / Red and Yellow School o
Iceland Academy of the Arts / Illinois Institute of T
Technical University / University IUAV of Venice /
/ Missouri State University / North Carolina State
Matejko Academy of Fine Arts / Portfolio Center /
School of Design / RMIT University / School of th
Center / Purchase College, School of Art and Desi
University of Technology / Temple University, Tyle
versity of New South Wales / University of Bogotá
politan University / University of Hawai’i at Manoa
of the Arts / University of Ulster / University of Wa
longong / Berlin University of the Arts / University
Kookmin University / University of Nicosia / Scho
of Art / Virginia Commonwealth University / Lond
of Ljubljana / The Arts Institute at Bournemouth /
can University of Sharjah / Art Center College of D
emy of Fine Arts of Bologna / Boston University, S
Technology Institute / Brigham Young University
P 186 U (RAY)
Job:05-11998 Title:RP-Design School Con dential
06-AC51736 #150 Dtp:160(P) Page:Endpaper 1
Endpapers 1-2_C51736.indd 2Endpapers 1-2_C51736.indd 2 6/15/09 10:58:42 AM6/15/09 10:58:42 AM

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