Chapter 7. Phase 3: Converge

Phase 3: Converge

It’s now the middle of your design sprint: you’ve generated many ideas and it’s time to start narrowing down the choices. The Converge phase does exactly that: it’s about making hard decisions and selecting which to prototype and test with users.

You’ll focus on having the right (and sometimes difficult) conversations about how you can solve your chosen problem, in order to design an effective solution. You will find yourselves debating frequently and perhaps heatedly. If everyone consistently agrees with everything, something is wrong.

At this point, you should have plenty of ideas to choose from so as much as you can, you’ll want to winnow down what you already have rather than adding to an already large pile of broad possibilities.

Including all the voices in the room will give you the best possible insights from your team. Designers, developers, executives, customer service, and marketing folks will all bring different perspectives and solutions. Keep the conversation inclusive and open.

It’s important that the key stakeholders are in attendance when the most important decisions are made. If they’re not able to attend the entire design sprint, have them attend this day. If they can’t attend the entire day, have them present when you converge on the storyboard and wireframes. Ask that they not duck out for emails, calls, or meetings during these sessions. ...

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