Ready for an adventure? That's where design thinking will take you. You'll learn a lot, cope with a lot of uncertainties, and discover many new things. Design thinking offers you a method to develop innovative products, services, business models, and concepts. With design thinking, you can use the obstacles in your path to create something new, learn to think outside the box, and still move straight to your goal. Design thinking lets you answer questions that your customers never thought they would have, and later your customers will say: “This is exactly the solution I was always waiting for.”

Developing innovative ideas always takes some effort. Compared to traditional product development processes, this effort is manageable. Asking yourself whether you can afford design thinking is the wrong way to start. Ask yourself instead whether you can afford to skip design thinking. Yes, design thinking costs money, but not investing in design thinking costs you more in the long run.

About This Book

The book you’re holding in your hands is a guide for practitioners with a 360-degree view of the innovative approach known as design thinking. It

  • Takes a look at the entire process, from beginning to end: You start with the customer’s problem and end with a solution for the customer.
  • Examines all significant success factors for design thinking — the five Ps:
    • Practices
    • People
    • Principles
    • Processes
    • Places
  • Follows different perspectives on design thinking: You learn which steps you ...

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