Chapter 1

Everything You Need to Know About Design Thinking


check Getting to know the design thinking approach

check Comprehending the method

check Understanding the principles

check Implementing design thinking quickly

Do you want to invent something, design something, or implement something new? Design thinking offers you a method to develop innovative products, services, methods, business models, and concepts. This chapter gives you an overview of the potential, the basics, and the principles of this approach to innovation. You’ll learn how to proceed with design thinking and what you must consider when carrying out the individual steps. You’ll form a team and manage the collaboration; organize the project work by structuring a logical order for the tasks; assign resources; and respond flexibly to changes. You’ll even learn about the importance of your work environment — from office floor plans to furnishings — when it comes to supporting the creativity of your team members.

This Is Design Thinking

Design thinking is a human-based approach to innovation that aims to establish creative ...

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