Chapter 6

Understanding the Task


check Defining the search field

check Clarifying the task and its causes

check Collecting and evaluating missing information

check Capturing new perspectives of the task

In the first phase of the design thinking process, you have to define the search field and understand the task that you want to solve. To accomplish this, you have to analyze the task and examine the determining factors and causes and then reformulate the task so that you can identify new facets. You should take the time to gain this basic understanding of your task because this is the only way to carry out the next steps in your search for ideas in a meaningful way. Only when you have compiled this information can you decide which technical perspective you must integrate in the steps ahead and which expertise is relevant.

Finding the Right Search Area

You've decided you want to develop something new. To do that, you first have to define what it is that you’re actually looking for. Is it in response to a specific customer problem, a customer wish, or the application of a particular technology ...

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