Chapter 7

Putting Yourself in the Roles of Others


check Learning the meaning of empathy

check Gaining empathy for people

check Characterizing the target person comprehensively

check Methodically empathizing with a variety of situations

check Exploring the customer’s steps

This chapter is all about figuring out how you can put yourself in the role of your target person, a concept known as empathy, which is a significant success factor in design thinking. First, you’ll find out about the potential of an empathetic approach and then come to understand the basic tenets of developing empathy. Finally, I’ll explain how you can systematically collect information about the people and situations you’re interested in and methodically evaluate that information.

Recognizing Empathy as a Key to Success

A key principle of design thinking is empathy. When you empathize, you put yourself in the role of another person. When you adopt the feelings of another person by “feeling along with” someone else, you show ...

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