Chapter 8

Observing People in Action


check Comprehending the potential of observation studies

check Clarifying the most important questions beforehand

check Conducting observations effectively and efficiently

check Applying methods correctly in order to support and evaluate your observations

In this chapter, I explain the potential gains you can achieve from observational studies. Careful preparation is a significant success factor, so in this chapter, go out of my way to fill you in on all the necessary prerequisites. You’ll find out how to observe the right thing and how to observe correctly. Along the way, I point out a few errors that are typical for analyses — errors you must avoid — and, to round things off, you’ll find out about a few particularly useful methods for executing and evaluating your observations.

Putting Observations to Proper Use

Although observations can be elaborate in terms of time and costs, a study that closely looks at how real people act in real situations promises interesting ideas for truly new products and services. At an early innovation stage, you should ...

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