Chapter 11

Developing Ideas Intuitively and Creatively


check Getting to know the rules and variants of brainstorming

check Using confrontation techniques to find ideas

check Systematically changing conceptual orientations and perspectives

If you want to resolve questions that seem especially murky, you might find that intuitive techniques designed to boost creativity are especially helpful. Brainstorming is the basis of finding ideas and a component of many creativity techniques. In this chapter, you find out how to successfully apply brainstorming techniques and learn what their variants are. For example, I introduce an option that lets you integrate the creative potential of reticent team members, in the form of written brainstorming, known as the 635 method. You also find out about methods you can use to develop innovative solutions through confrontations with outside areas. And finally, you can systematically adopt various points of view by using the Walt Disney method and the Six Hats method to develop new inspirations for generating ideas.

Solving Difficult Problems Intuitively and Creatively

Design thinking is a good way to master problems and tasks that prove murky or especially ...

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