Chapter 12

Evaluating Ideas


check Creating the foundation for a balanced assessment

check Systematically applying evaluation methods

check Learning about evaluation methods for ideas

check Reviewing solutions from various perspectives

This chapter is all about how you, along with your team, can select the best ideas from among all those that you have gathered so far. In general, you can take a number of different approaches for such an evaluation, but my goal here is to provide you with an overview of which methods are best suited specifically for the evaluation of ideas in design thinking projects. You’ll find out how to apply these methods with your team and how you can assess the chances for success from various perspectives.

Selecting the Right Evaluation Method

The path from defining the task to finding ideas designed to solve that task to ushering in a successful market launch is a long one. After finding ideas, you'll still be in an early development phase, where you’ll see a great deal of uncertainty about the feasibility, economic viability, and acceptance of the idea by the customer. ...

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