Chapter 16

Ten Success Factors for Implementing Your Idea


check Preparing the organization to promote innovation

check Conveying an idea's strategic importance

check Sustainably developing competencies

check Removing barriers to your idea

Design thinking isn’t something you do just once. It’s not enough for you to set up a project and then fail to take further measures. Design thinking must become a component of the company’s culture of innovation. That’s the only way for sustainable success to succeed in a dynamically changing environment. You can achieve competitive advantages by taking advantage of the agile, creative, and flexible recognition and utilization of entrepreneurial opportunities. Be sure to consider an organization’s entire culture of innovation.

A company’s structure, business strategy, processes, and leadership style, plus the competencies of its employees, shape the culture of innovation. They are the Five Big Factors of innovation. In this chapter, you can read about ten factors for shaping the culture of innovation and successfully implementing design thinking.

Prepare ...

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