Chapter 6. Getting Serious About DevOps

Established enterprise companies must work hard to keep up with competitors—including startups threatening to disrupt mature markets. Enterprises across a range of industries are turning to agile development and DevOps as a solution to these challenges.

For example, the financial services industry has given rise to a large number of new financial technology or fintech companies. This unprecedented level of business change is driving established financial services companies to move to a DevOps model. As one industry observer noted:

Executives in this conservative sector see DevOps as a way to roll out value to the market faster, more efficiently, and more safely. DevOps enables financial services to increase the cadence and quality of application releases while also addressing governance, risk, security, and compliance strategies.

Steve Brodie, CEO, Electric Cloud

Once your hybrid cloud transition is complete—or at least well under way—you will have an infrastructure stack in place that is well equipped to support the automation, agile development practices, and continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) required by DevOps.

This chapter explains some of the concepts behind DevOps and looks at the challenges to achieving DevOps success.

New to DevOps?

If DevOps is unfamiliar to you, be sure to read The Phoenix Project. This short book is now considered a DevOps classic and a must-read for IT professionals.

What Is DevOps? ...

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