Chapter 7. Adapting Your Organization to Hybrid Cloud

As you adopt a hybrid cloud strategy, you should anticipate the need to make changes to your IT organization. Where traditional, siloed infrastructure stacks rely heavily on IT specialists with deep knowledge of a particular discipline such as networking, storage, and virtualization, your hybrid cloud operations may depend much more on IT generalists.

The move to automation and self-service eliminates much of the time spent satisfying user requests and trouble tickets, allowing your team to shift focus from infrastructure and day-to-day tasks to the applications and services your company relies on.

This chapter explains why organizational changes are necessary, outlines opportunities to take advantage of resulting IT changes, and looks at organizational strategies for DevOps success.

Why Organizational Change Is Necessary

As important as technology has become to the modern enterprise, a successful digital transformation also requires significant changes to both company culture and management structure. For example, Dutch banking giant ING developed an agile approach to organization modeled on the success of companies such as Google, Netflix, and Spotify. In the process, ING discovered that significant changes to the company culture were also needed.

The recent report, Digital Transformation in Financial Services: The Need to Rewire Organizational DNA, discusses the need for firms to adopt a “digital DNA” across the company, ...

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