Appendix A. Glassware Done Right: Case Studies from the Field

We’re making sure you get the most bang for your buck, since you were so diligent to read this far. Now that you know how to effectively Think for Glass, it’s helpful to see some real-life case studies to see how others are applying the mindset to great Glassware projects, for both the Google Mirror API and the GDK. And to do this, we’ve enlisted some very reliable friends of ours.

In the short time that Google Glass has been around, we’ve made countless connections and have logged immeasurable hours in forums, Hangouts, Google+ Communities groups, chat sessions—and, of course, on Glass—discussing with people their passion, ideas, tips, and criticism about the Glass ecosystem. But, more importantly, we’ve become chummy with several cutting-edge developers who have generously and honestly shared—in their own words—their architecture, triumphs (and horror stories) involved with building great wearable software.

We’re in awe of their creativity and we’re proud to let them share their insight and expertise with you here. Let their work inspire you and feel free to reach out to them and inquire about their projects. These efforts aren’t just great Glassware, they’re backed by good people who truly care about our community.

  • Thuuz Sports: Lets you know what’s hot
  • KitchMe: Glassware that’s simply delicious
  • Fancy / ColorSnap: Leveraging colorful queries
  • LynxFit: A personal trainer strapped to your head
  • Genie: The Swiss Army ...

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