Chapter 12. Context Is King: Using Location and Other Signals

What are the three most important things about buying a house? Location, location, and location. There may be a lot more relative to building great Glassware, but location is certainly one of the most important cues that we have about what someone wearing Glass will want to know about at any given moment. It is a core principle to the third Noble Truth: Keep it Relevant. And the one unifying force that binds not only location data, but also signals relative to time, the user’s activity, identity, proximity, scheduled events, and presence of other devices is context.

Location isn’t the only tool we have at our disposal to help read the mind of someone using our Glassware, but it does serve as a good foundation upon which to base our other contextual inputs. We’ll be discussing how Glass directly supports location-aware services, some unexpected ways we can use this information, and how it serves as a model for other context-based data that we may wish to incorporate in our Glassware.

We’re going to start with a warning, however, which you’ll see echoed a few more times in later chapters. Although all of Glass is evolving, location services are still somewhat immature. You should expect that it will only improve as we move forward, but what we describe here will serve as a cornerstone for what you can expect in the future.

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