Chapter 15. Reflections on the Future

The most intriguing thing about Google Glass is that it’s just getting started. The promise of all the things Google’s flagship wearable computing platform already is and the exciting prospects of what it can become are nothing short of awe-inspiring. Do a search for “Google Glass use cases” and it’ll take you an hour just to go through the results. From general purpose to profession-specific, from the ultra-cool to the downright ludicrous, the sky’s the limit for how people are going to put Glass to work.

As we’ve discussed, a big portion of society speculated, dreamed about, praised, criticized, and condemned the product for more than two years before it even came out. Few products in history have achieved this sustained level of interest that far out from launch.

Throughout this book we’ve presented concepts, code, design tips, and our philosophy to help ensure you enjoy a long and healthy life with your technology investment and give your Glassware a powerful stage on which to succeed. This final chapter discusses some advanced uses for Glass and what lies ahead for the platform.

Corporate Glass

One of the questions that invariably pops up when considering Glass is how businesses will deal with their employees using it in the workplace. These days the lines between high-performance business machines and off-the-shelf consumer tech are completely blurred, and companies are outfitting their staffers with the very same smartphones, tablets, and ...

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