Appendix 1
Product Development
Case Studies
1. To understand phases, issues (customer, technical, and business), and man-
agement of a product development process
2. To understand automotive product design, assembly, and business issues by
studying the available information on the Smart car
Part I
Read the Ingersoll Rand Cyclone Grinder development story from the following:
Ingersoll Rand: Barbecues, Drag Tests, Medieval Warriors; and Slowing Down
to Speed Things Up, chapter on Cyclone grinder development story in Liberation
Management by T. J. Peters. New York: Harper & Row, 1992.
1. Gather information about models of and parts in the Cyclone Grinders by
conducting an Internet search.
2. Answer the following questions:
a. Develop a project activity and milestones chart showing all the key
activities involved in the development of the Cyclone grinder (use for-
mat from: Systems Engineering and Analysis by B. S. Blanchard and
W. J. Fabrycky, 2011, p. 652).
b. List customer needs of the grinder (as a customer/user would mention
his/her words).
c. Generate a list of functional requirements of the grinder (as an engineer
would specify).
d. Draw a product decomposition tree of the grinder showing its systems,
subsystems, and components within each system.
e. Describe key concepts/ideas that contributed to the successful design of
the Cyclone grinder.
430 Appendix 1
Part II
1. Read the following two articles on the Smart car:
Siekman, P. 2002. The Smart Car is Looking More So. Fortune, April 15,
2002, pp. 310[I]–310[P].
Brooke, L. 2008. Little Car, Big Job. Automotive Engineering (aei),
February, 2008, pp. 76–77.
2. Also, review information on Smart car available in the following websites:
3. Answer the following questions:
a. List customer needs of Smart car.
b. Provide comparison of product specications and available features of
Smart car with two other vehicles made by different vehicle manufac-
turers that can compete with it in the U.S. market.
c. Describe important product design/development issues in creating the
Smart car including safety-related changes.
d. Describe key business issues in involving suppliers at the assembly

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