Appendix B. Acknowledgments

I interviewed more than two dozen people during the process of writing this book. These leaders were very generous with their time and provided insights that helped me tell a much better story.

B Corp Leaders Profiled in This Book

More than a dozen of the people interviewed either own or work for certified B Corporations, or B Corps, which is why you read a lot about B Corps in this book. They are leading a revolution to use business as a force for good in the world. Supporting these businesses means supporting a future with a shared and durable prosperity for all. In addition to their bios, they also shared why being a B Corp is important to them.

Andrew Boardman

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Founder and principal, Manoverboard

Manoverboard is a B Corp that helps socially responsible businesses, educational institutions, and large nonprofits to build and motivate their audiences. The company uses design as the primary tool in a strategic communications tool belt to help organizations promote their message, create conversations, and connect with audiences. Manoverboard has designed digital solutions and identities for Generation Investment Management (former Vice President Al Gore’s investment firm), RAND Corporation, MIT, Acumen Fund, United Nations University, Council of Canadians with Disabilities, Maestral International, University of Manitoba, SJF Ventures, and Encourage Capital. ...

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