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Designing Menus with Encore DVD

Book Description

Designed to complement the Encore DVD software documentation, this full-color book begins with a brief description of the DVD specification, then introduces readers to DVD authoring concepts such as menu creation, timeline construction, navigation, transcoding, and disc mastering. Readers learn how to plan and manage projects, and how to master the workflows between Encore and other Adobe applications such as Photoshop, Premiere, and After Effects to create well-structured and engaging menus. The companion DVD contains documents for planning a DVD, tutorial projects, and a library of royalty free, customizable, templates.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover Page
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright Page
  4. Contents
  5. Dedication
  6. Acknowledgements
  7. Introduction
    1. How this Book is Organized
    2. Icon Glossary
    3. How to Use the Book and DVD
    4. Before You Begin
  8. The DVD Menu
    1. Menu Structure
    2. Digital Video and DVD Design
    3. DVD Links and User Operations
    4. Timelines and Playlists
    5. The Difference between Still and Motion Menus
    6. Types of Menus
  9. Research, Interaction Design, and Usability
    1. Process
    2. User Research
    3. Design Navigation and Interaction
    4. Interaction Design Deliverables
    5. Tools of the Trade
    6. Helpful Questions
    7. Prototyping
    8. Usability Testing
  10. Design
    1. Graphic Design Principles
    2. Typography
    3. Typeface Technology and Formats
    4. Specifying Body and Display Faces
    5. The Purpose of Grids
    6. Using Color
    7. Imagery
  11. Animation
    1. The Animation Process
    2. Animation Principles and Menu Design
    3. Animation Properties
  12. The Encore DVD User Interface
    1. Project, Menus, Timelines, and Disc Tabs
    2. The Menu Editor
    3. Menu Color Set Dialog
    4. Tool Palette
    5. Properties Palette
    6. User Operations
    7. Character Palette
    8. Library Palette
    9. Styles Palette
    10. Layers Palette
    11. Timeline and Monitor Windows
    12. Workspaces
    13. Project Preview Window
  13. Preparing Still Menus
    1. The Workflow
    2. Working in Photoshop
    3. An Overview of the Tutorials in this Chapter
    4. Working in Encore DVD
    5. Setting Button Properties and Links
    6. Photoshop Tips for Customizing Templates
    7. Working with Adobe Illustrator Files
    8. Techniques for Automating Production
  14. Timelines and Motion Menus
    1. Timelines
    2. Subtitles
    3. Transcode Settings
    4. Motion Menus
    5. Building Projects
  15. Additional Techniques
    1. Creating 16:9 Menus
    2. Creating Slideshows
    3. Advanced Motion Menu Techniques
  16. Bibliography
  17. Index
  18. What’s on the DVD