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Provide Undo for Filter Selections PAGE 118

Make All Filters Easily Available PAGE 122

Provide Only Filter Options That Reflect the Available Inventory PAGE 123

Provide Filter Options That Encompass the Complete Inventory PAGE 125

Test Your Faceted Search Interface PAGE 127

The Design of Faceted Search UI Controls, by Christian Rohrer, Ph.D. PAGE 128

Faceted Search is a technique of accessing a collection of items by their multiple classifications, or facets. In contrast to hierarchical taxonomy classifications that allow the data to be ordered in a single, predetermined way, faceted search allows the data to be ordered in multiple ways, along the different facets. Each facet typically corresponds to the possible values of a property common to a set of digital objects.

Faceted search user interfaces for ecommerce sites are still fairly new, and potential design pitfalls abound. Fortunately, there are a few relatively simple and straightforward best practices that UX designers can follow to minimize cognitive friction and create search user interfaces that are easy to understand and use. This chapter describes some best practices for the design of search filters.

Recently, Office Depot redesigned its search user interface, adding attribute-based filtering and creating a more dynamic, interactive UX. Unfortunately, Office Depot's interaction design misses some key points, ...

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