Designing a Service Dream: Excellence
from Merging Public and Private Service
In this chapter we present two case studies: one each from the private and
public sectors. We have based these case studies on our respective experiences
in these types of organizations. We have combined details from several orga-
nizations into each case study description. We see merit in blending together
attributes of each organization for the purposes of analysis and discussion.
The details are from real, living organizations that exist and thrive. We detail
key features of each type of organization and discuss the benets for design-
ing service-driven organizations. Our descriptions are multifocused. We
describe and discuss detailed attributes of organizational structures, human
resources (HR), and employee competence development and leadership. We
meld each of these features into frameworks for organizational development.
At the heart of our descriptions are key attributes that, in combination, could
form the design of a new type of organization. This organization would
incorporate the best of both worlds. As such, the organizations managers,
executives, and staff would be well placed to shape the organizations future
by mobilizing, focusing, and aligning internal resources (physical capital,
nancing, and human capital, including explicit and implicit competencies).
In concluding, we share our reections on this new organization, the chal-
lenges it will face in an increasingly technological world from an operational
standpoint, and the ways in which service design will enable organizations
not only to meet these challenges, but also to continually reshape themselves
for futures unknown, but certain to beturbulent.
Excellence in a Private and in a Public Organization
Below we describe three hypothetical organizations. One is a private sector
organization, and the second a public sector organization. The third is an
amalgam of the two. We have developed our ideas over time from many dif-
ferent locations and environments in which we have been privileged to work.
In our careers we have worked in countries on several continents. Wethere-
fore draw on many different organizational and national cultures in which
we have enjoyed working. These organizations might exist somewhere in
the real world—at least we would certainly like to think so. In our current

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