Business Management
The moment of truththat instant when consumers experience and judge
service quality—is often a deciding factor in business success. Designing
Service Excellence: People and Technology provides practical information
on the design, management, and organization of many different types of
service industries, such as hotels, restaurants, banks and nancial institutions,
retail, and the public sector. The authors investigate the consumers’ experience
and judgment on service quality, which ultimately determines the success or
failure of the service. They then consider people, usability, and technology in
the automation of high-quality service.
This research-driven book identies service—in a variety of forms—as an area
of business and management where rapid change is taking place. The authors
examine how service has become a balance between people and technology
and explore this relationship as one of the key drivers of change. They discuss
how social, cultural, and technological developments inuence the ways in
which customers contact, negotiate, and purchase services from their chosen
service providers. These same developments are also driving communications
between customers relating to the services they buy and are willing to
recommend to others (or otherwise). Intermingled, these features of our
current-day lives have changed the nature of service provision and service use.
When your organization has its moment of truth, how will it measure up?
Organizations whose business has service at its core and whose activities
focus mainly on service design, management, and delivery are likely to
nd increasingly that, for survival, service is a matter of life or death. This
book provides a deep understanding of the relationship between people and
technology along with an ergonomic approach to the design and management
of service delivery that helps you deliver the value and benets that customers
not only want, but increasingly come to expect.
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Designing Service
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Designing Service Excellence
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