Chapter 16. Where in the World?

It’s a beautiful day in this neighborhood. A beautiful day for a neighbor. Would you be mine? Could you be mine?

Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood

TUBBS: I haven’t seen you before. Are you local?

MARTIN: No, I’m meeting up with a friend actually—going hiking.

TUBBS: Don’t touch the things! This is a local shop for local people, there’s nothing for you here!

TUBBS: Edward! Edward!

EDWARD: Hello, hello? What’s going on? What’s all this shouting, we’ll have no trouble here!

TUBBS: I caught him stealing from the shop. EDWARD: Who is he? Is his identity known?

TUBBS: He’s not local.

“This is a Local Shop,” sketch by League of Gentlemen, BBC

The Local Connection

One of the things we like to do as social creatures is to plan events and gather in groups. Lunches, meetings, playdates, parties, weddings, even funerals—mundane events, and events to punctuate the week and celebrate milestones and major life events. Events have become easier to plan with a variety of online tools, and with the explosion of social tools, they can be more collaborative than ever. Invitation tools and calendaring are two of the oldest applications available online. The addition of the social graph and other rich social tools continues to keep these tools relevant, and we see these features creeping into main-stream social networking sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn.

GPS capabilities are available in more and more of our devices and applications, and the proliferation of mobile devices means we can ...

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