Classroom courses and disk-based CBT both have strengths that can benefit WBT learners; they also have weaknesses that WBT can overcome. For many training needs, the best solution may not be pure WBT, pure disk-based CBT, or pure classroom training, but an intelligent hybrid mingling the best features of each. Organizations with large investments in classroom training and disk-based CBT may prefer to reuse their well-tested training materials during a transitional period while they redesign their courses for WBT.

3.2.1. Hybrid of WBT and classroom training

WBT and classroom training offer complementary strengths that inventive and brave designers are combining to create interesting hybrids. Mix WBT and classroom training

WBT and classroom techniques can be combined in several ways to take advantage of the strengths of each. Use WBT for the main presentation

Some designers precede and follow a WBT course with classroom sessions.

Typically the first classroom session is used to orient learners, introduce them to the instructor and fellow learners, and to motivate them to complete the WBT session. The follow-up classroom session lets learners ask questions, clear up misunderstandings, and resolve conflicts that arose during the WBT portion. Use WBT for preparation and reinforcement

Other designers reverse ...

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