Appendix A. Resources

THIS APPENDIX LISTS SOME additional resources that you may find useful and/or interesting as you dive deeper into experimentation, or into user experience research around your designs.


We all know one of the best ways to learn about an area is to start with some keyword searches online. Here are some keywords to get you started, listed chapter by chapter:

Chapter 1

Keywords: data analytics, data science, data visualization, design thinking, experimental design, introduction to statistics, mixed methods, reasoning biases, user experience research

Chapter 2

Keywords: acquiescence bias, attitudinal data, correlation, causality, cohorts, data triangulation, demographics, dependent variable, detectable difference, independent variable, local versus global effects, metric, Philosophy of Science, population, qualitative data, quantitative data, research methods, samples, segments, social desirability bias, statistical significance, test users

Chapter 3

Keywords: design opportunity, experimentation framework, hypothesis statement

Chapters 4, 5, and 6

Keywords: A/B testing, big data, daily active users, errors, experimentation, lab studies, metric of interest, metric sensitivity, metrics, minimal detectable effect (MDE), multiple hypotheses, negative results, novelty effect, pilot studies, positive results, proxy metrics, sample, seasonal bias, secondary metrics, surveys, test cells, thick data, thin data, usability testing

Chapter 7

Keywords: collaborative teams, common ...

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