Sample Valuation Service Agreement for a CPA Analyst

Follow is a sample valuation service agreement for the fictitious company, Analysts, LCC.

<BusinessCity> <BusinessStateProvince>
In response to your request, we are confirming to you our understanding of the terms and objectives of this proposed Agreement and the nature and limitations of the services Analysts, LLC, and Joe Smith (hereafter referred as “Analysts” “We” “we”) would render under this retainer agreement (hereafter referred as “Agreement”) with <Company>, federal identification number <FederalID> (hereafter referred as “Client”).
Objective, Purpose, and Valuation Date
The objective of our Valuation will be to estimate the <PurposeScope>, for the purpose of assisting Client in (define purpose) purposes, as of <AsofDate>, hereafter referred as of (insert calendar date) hereafter referred as “Valuation Date.”
The Analysts shall deliver a written Summary Valuation (“Deliverable”) under the terms and conditions of this Valuation services agreement for the stated purpose.
Commencement and Completion
The Analysts propose to start the engagement no later than three days after receipt of the signed acknowledgment accompanied by the indicated retainer. Unless nonacceptance is otherwise communicated by the Client within five business days from the date of receipt of the Deliverables, acceptance of the Deliverables shall be assumed and all of the Analysts’ duties and obligations ...

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