Chapter 12

Activity Solutions for Swede-Mart Case Study

Chapter 1

The most common answers are

  1. Changing requirements
  2. Customers not available
  3. Customers not knowing what they want
  4. No repeatable process
  5. Lack of management buy-in
  6. Lack of resources
  7. Lack of skilled business analysts
  8. No common language
  9. Developers do not understand the business
  10. No tools


    • Changing requirements

    – Implement a formal change control process

    – Educate team on the process

    • Customers not available

    – Give customers as much lead time as possible

    – Get buy-in from customers to requirements gathering

    • Customers not knowing what they want

    – Showcase similar products

    – Create prototypes

    • No repeatable process

    – Define and implement templates and a simple process to start with

    – Research ...

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