Developing a Blockchain Business Network with Hyperledger Composer using the IBM Blockchain Platform Starter Plan

Book description

Blockchain has emerged as a disruptive technology in the areas of trading assets and sharing information. It has the capability to transform many industries, professions, and aspects of life. The focus of this IBM® Redbooks® publication is to help developers build blockchain solutions and use IBM Blockchain Platform to start, test, and move applications into production.

This publication covers some blockchain for business use cases. It also describes how to get started in defining, developing, and deploying a Hyperledger Composer business network to Hyperledger Fabric, both locally on a workstation and remotely on the IBM Blockchain Starter Plan.A fund clearing business network is used as an example scenario for blockchain and this source code is available for download, testing, and use. The Redpaper contains detailed information on how we put it together and more, so grab a copy of it via the download link on this page as well.

This paper is part one of a series of papers and educational materials. Later materials will describe how to use IBM Blockchain Platform to test and scale your business network, to integrate more completely with a COBOL business application running in IBM CICS®, and to manage changes to your business network in a production environment.

Table of contents

  1. Front cover
  2. Notices
    1. Trademarks
  3. Preface
    1. Authors
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    3. Comments welcome
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  4. Chapter 1. Overview
    1. 1.1 Why blockchain?
    2. 1.2 What is blockchain?
    3. 1.3 Use cases for blockchain in business
    4. 1.4 Linux Foundation’s Hyperledger Project
    5. 1.5 Hyperledger Fabric
    6. 1.6 Hyperledger Composer
    7. 1.7 IBM Blockchain Platform
  5. Chapter 2. Use case development process
    1. 2.1 Developing With Hyperledger Composer
    2. 2.2 Generating the Business Network Template
    3. 2.3 Model file definition
    4. 2.4 Test-based development
      1. 2.4.1 Standard unit testing
      2. 2.4.2 Functional verification tests
      3. 2.4.3 Mocha tests
      4. 2.4.4 Cucumber tests
    5. 2.5 Implementing the business network logic
    6. 2.6 Adding ACL rules
    7. 2.7 Debugging
      1. 2.7.1 Logging inspection
      2. 2.7.2 Debugging against the embedded connector
    8. 2.8 Next steps
  6. Chapter 3. Basic flow using IBM Composer Playground
    1. 3.1 Prerequisites
    2. 3.2 Adding participants
    3. 3.3 Adding assets
    4. 3.4 Submitting the CreateBatch transaction
    5. 3.5 Submitting the MarkPreProcessComplete transaction
    6. 3.6 Submitting the CompleteSettlement transaction
    7. 3.7 Submitting the MarkPostProcessComplete transaction
    8. 3.8 Summary
  7. Chapter 4. Migrating to a Starter Plan network
    1. 4.1 Creating an IBM Cloud account
    2. 4.2 Creating a Starter Plan network
    3. 4.3 Acquiring network credentials and connection profiles for the member organizations
    4. 4.4 Deploy the fund clearing business network to the IBP Starter Plan network
      1. 4.4.1 Creating a certificate authority card in the CLI
      2. 4.4.2 Adding the certificates to the Starter Plan instance
      3. 4.4.3 Creating an admin business network card
      4. 4.4.4 Installing and starting the business network
      5. 4.4.5 Creating a card to access the business network as org1 and org2 admins
  8. Chapter 5. Moving to production
    1. 5.1 Moving to production
    2. 5.2 Integration with traditional back-end applications
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  10. Back cover

Product information

  • Title: Developing a Blockchain Business Network with Hyperledger Composer using the IBM Blockchain Platform Starter Plan
  • Author(s): Vance Morris, Rohit Adivi, Ratnakar Asara, Matthew Cousens, Nick Gupta, Nicholas Lincoln, Barry Mosakowski, Hong Wei Sun
  • Release date: May 2018
  • Publisher(s): IBM Redbooks
  • ISBN: 9780738456850