Subroutines defined in the POSIX thread standard

We have categorized the Pthread subroutines defined in the POSIX thread standard, which are supported on AIX, into the following:

Thread management sub-routinesSee Table D-1.
Execution scheduling sub-routinesSee Table D-2 on page 476.
Synchronization sub-routinesSee Table D-3 on page 477.
Thread-specific data sub-routinesSee Table D-4 on page 479.
Table D-1. Thread management sub-routines
pthread_attr_init()Initializes a thread attributes object.
pthread_attr_destroy()Destroys a thread attributes object.
pthread_attr_setdetachstate()Sets the detachstate attribute of a thread attributes object. This attribute determines if a thread created with this thread attributes object is in a detached ...

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