2.4. Supported link methods on AIX

In order to link application program code with objects and libraries, AIX supports several link methods shown in Table 2-3 on page 64 (for the definition of terms used in this table, see Table B-1 on page 443). These methods are not mutually exclusive, except for the combination of lazy loading and run-time link methods. Therefore, an executable can be generated using more than one link methods.

Table 2-3. Supported link methods
Link methodSymbol resolutionSymbol reboundModule loadingLinker optionExplained section
Defaultlink-timeN/Aprogram load-timeN/ASection 2.4.1, “AIX default linking” on page 64
Staticlink-timeN/Aprogram load-time[a]-bstaticSection 2.4.2, “Static linking” on page 66
Lazy loading[b]link-time ...

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