Conclusion toPartVI
e chapters in this part have described the experimental secure cloud systems that
we have developed including secure cloud query processing and secure information
In Chapter 22, we presented a system that allows cooperating organizations to
securely share large amounts of data. We have ensured that the organizations have a
large common storage area by using Hadoop. Further, we have used Hive to present
users of our system with a structured view of the data and to also enable them to
query the data with a SQL-like language.
In Chapter 23, we have described access control mechanisms for semantic web
data stored in the cloud. Our implemented mechanism incorporates a token-based
access control system where users of the system are granted tokens based on busi-
ness needs and authorization levels.
In Chapter 24, we described techniques to protect our data by encrypting it
before storing on cloud computing servers like Amazon S3. Our approach is novel
as we propose to use two key servers to generate and store the keys. Also, we pro-
vide more security than some of the other known approaches as we do not store the
actual key used to encrypt the data. is assures the protection of our data even if
one or both key servers are compromised.
Introduction to Part VII
In Part VI, we discussed our prototypes on secure cloud computing systems, in
Part VII, we will discuss the use of cloud computing for security functions. at
is, we will describe the systems we have developed that illustrate how cloud systems
provide security-as-a-service.
Part VII consists of four chapters: 25, 26, 27, and 28. Our cloud-based malware
detection system is discussed in Chapter 25. Our cloud-based insider threat detec-
tion is discussed in Chapter 26. Our assured information-sharing system in the
cloud is discussed in Chapter 27. We described the design and implementation of a
semantic-cloud-based information-sharing system in Chapter 28. A semantic cloud
is a cloud that provides semantic web services to the consumer.

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