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Software Engineering & Systems Development
Although the use of cloud computing platforms and applications has expand-
ed rapidly, most books on the subject focus on high-level concepts. There has
long been a need for a book that provides detailed guidance on how to develop
secure clouds.
Filling this void,
Developing and Securing the Cloud
provides a comprehen-
sive overview of cloud computing technology. Supplying step-by-step instruction
on how to develop and secure cloud computing platforms and web services, it
includes an easy-to-understand, basic-level overview of cloud computing and its
supporting technologies.
Presenting a framework for secure cloud computing development, the book
describes supporting technologies for the cloud such as web services and security.
It details the various layers of the cloud computing framework, including the virtual
machine monitor and hypervisor, cloud data storage, cloud data management,
and virtual network monitor. It also provides several examples of cloud products
and prototypes, including private, public, and U.S. government clouds.
Reviewing recent developments in cloud computing, the book illustrates the
essential concepts, issues, and challenges in developing and securing todays
cloud computing platforms and applications. It also examines prototypes built
on experimental cloud computing systems that the author and her team have
developed at the University of Texas at Dallas.
This diverse reference is suitable for those in industry, government, and academia.
Technologists will develop the understanding required to select the appropriate
tools for particular cloud applications. Developers will discover alternative
designs for cloud development, and managers will understand if it’s best to build
their own clouds or contract them out.
and Securing
the Cloud
Developing and
Securing the Cloud
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