Developing Android Applications with Java

Video description

Learn to build mobile applications for the exciting new Android platform. When you purchase this product, you'll get access to the videos, slide presentations, and code examples associated with the online course, Developing Android Applications with Java, Part 1. This product will get you up to speed on the basics of Android development, including the Android SDK and the Eclipse IDE. As you learn, you'll build a simple Android app from start to finish.

Table of contents

  1. Overview Week: Getting started with Android
    1. Overview Week: What is Android?
    2. Overview Week: Eclipse and SDK setup and build a Red Flashlight app
    3. Overview Week: Add a button to a Green Flashlight
    4. Overview Week: Add the Green Flashlight
  2. Week 1: Build a Task Manager App
    1. Week 1: Layout and Build a Task Manager App
    2. Week 1: Displaying a list of tasks
    3. Week 1: Sharing Data Across the Task Manager App
    4. Week 1: Create the Add Task View
    5. Week 1: Implement Safe Canceling
    6. Week 1: Homework and Q A
  3. Week 2: Create a Task List
    1. Week 2: Creating a List of Tasks
    2. Week 2: A Better List View
    3. Week 2: Showing the Tasks
    4. Week 2: Completing Tasks
    5. Week 2: Removing Completed Tasks
    6. Week 2: Wrap up, Homework and QA
  4. Week 3: Add Persistence
    1. Week 3: Adding Persistence to our Task Manager using SQLite
    2. Week 3: Loading tasks from the database
    3. Week 3: Adding new tasks to the database
    4. Week 3: Completing a task
    5. Week 3: Deleting tasks
    6. Week 3: Wrap up, Homework and QA
  5. Week 4: Add Location and Maps
    1. Week 4: Adding Location and Maps to our Task Manager
    2. Week 4: Adding a Location to a Task
    3. Week 4: Displaying a Map View
    4. Week 4: Searching for an Address and Map Overlays
    5. Week 4: Returning the Address to AddTaskActivity
    6. Week 4: Wrap up, Homework and QA
  6. Week 5: Add Location Awareness
    1. Week 5: Adding Location Awareness to our Task Manager
    2. Week 5: Saving the Address on a Task
    3. Week 5: Displaying the Location of the Task
    4. Week 5: Adding the Device's Current Location to the Map
    5. Week 5: Displaying the Current Location on the Task List
    6. Week 5: Filtering the Tasks by Location
    7. Week 5: Wrap Up, Homework and QA

Product information

  • Title: Developing Android Applications with Java
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: January 2010
  • Publisher(s): O'Reilly Media, Inc.
  • ISBN: 0636920004240