Developing Android on Android

Book description

Take advantage of the open, tinker-friendly Android platform and make your device work the way you want it to. Quickly create Android tasks, scripts, and programs entirely on your Android device--no PC required. Learn how to build your own innovative Android programs and workflows with tools you can run on Android itself, and tailor the Android default user interface to match your mobile lifestyle needs. Apply your favorite scripting language to rapidly develop programs that speak the time and battery level, alert you to important events or locations, read your new email to you, and much more.

Take charge of your Android phone or tablet by creating your own programs and scripts to make your device work for you. Developing Android on Android will teach you how to use the latest cutting-edge technologies to tailor your Android experience to your mobile lifestyle.

Write scripts that listen to your voice and post spoken tweets on Twitter. Track your phone's status and have it report its location every ten minutes via an instant message. Query and listen to weather forecasts with the click of a headset button. Have system notifications and new SMS messages automatically read to you. Design your own application launcher with a look and behavior that can be dynamically modified depending on the scripts and applications you execute.

With step-by-step instructions throughout, you'll master how to develop your own custom applications. And because you'll be using programming tools on your Android, you can change and improve your programs at any time. You'll build new Android programs and task-driven on-board workflows faster than any traditional Android development environment could hope to match!

Table of contents

  1. Developing Android on Android
  2. For the Best Reading Experience...
  3. Table of Contents
  4. Acknowledgments
  5. Introduction
    1. Why Android? Why Now?
    2. Who This Book Is For
    3. Requirements
    4. Jailbreaking and Rooting
    5. What’s in This Book
    6. Online Help
  6. Part 1: Customize
  7. Chapter 1: Getting Started
    1. Analyzing Your Mobile Lifestyle
    2. Mobile Personalization
    3. Next Steps
  8. Chapter 2: Personalizing Your Home Screen
    1. Launchers
    2. Widgets
    3. Floaters
    4. Home Screen Customization
    5. Next Steps
  9. Chapter 3: Listening to Your Android
    1. Wearable Computing
    2. The Sound of Data
    3. Button Control
    4. Next Steps
  10. Part 2: Explore
  11. Chapter 4: Automating with Tasker
    1. Introducing Tasker
    2. Talking Clock
    3. Train Station Alarm
    4. Tasker App Factory
    5. Next Steps
  12. Chapter 5: Scripting with SL4A
    1. SL4A: Scripting Layer for Android
    2. Programming with SL4A
    3. Scheduling the SL4A Script
    4. Other Android-Ported Languages
    5. Next Steps
  13. Chapter 6: Programming with AIDE
    1. Getting Started
    2. Programming the Clock
    3. The Clock Is Running
    4. Talking Clock Automation
    5. Next Steps
  14. Part 3: Build
  15. Chapter 7: Tasker Pomodoro Widget
    1. Rapid Tasker Prototyping
    2. Pomodoro Widget Redux
    3. Testing the Revised Widget
    4. Addressing the Limitations
    5. Next Steps
  16. Chapter 8: Messaging Projects
    1. Check Email
    2. Speak ’n’ Tweet
    3. Jabber Tracker
    4. Next Steps
  17. Chapter 9: Notification Projects
    1. Talking Notifications
    3. AutoNotification
    4. Next Steps
  18. Chapter 10: Graphics Projects
    1. Application Launcher
    2. Widget
    3. Next Steps
  19. Part 4: Appendixes
  20. Appendix 1: Android Programming Tools
    1. Code Editors
    2. Source Version Control
    3. Miscellaneous Tools
  21. Appendix 2: Resources on the Web
  22. Bibliography
    1. You May Be Interested In…

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  • Title: Developing Android on Android
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: November 2013
  • Publisher(s): Pragmatic Bookshelf
  • ISBN: 9781937785543