Chapter 28. Excel Services and Power View

What Is Excel Services?

Excel Services is a set of technologies introduced in SharePoint 2007 that allows users to upload and share the contents of an Excel 2007 or greater workbook with other members of the team site. Excel Services is different from the Excel Web App, which is focused on editing files as part of the Office Web Apps. Excel Services is a native component of SharePoint 2010 Enterprise Edition. It renders an interactive HTML version of the Excel desktop experience and is built upon a server-hosted version of the Excel calculation engine. Advantages include enabling users to interact with Excel workbooks directly in their web browser without having to download the solution or launch Excel. This increases the reach of our Excel-based solutions to anyone with a web browser.

What Is Power View?

Power View is a new feature of the SQL Server 2012 Reporting Services add-in for Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 Enterprise Edition. What is it? Power View is all about interactive data exploration, visualization, and presentation. Design goals for the product are to create a fun environment where you are never more than two or three clicks from the display you’re looking for. This is the first release of the product and it’s a really great first release. We’ll walk through using Power View to create views against PowerPivot and tabular cubes. Then we’ll save a PowerPoint that has the ability to slice your data live within PowerPoint. As ...

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