Appendix CMeasurement Plan: Blueprints for Measurement

Utilization Blueprint: Level 0 (Engagement Phase)

Purpose Data Sources
To ensure that solution is being used as intended and to monitor training participation against target
  • Student master file
  • LMS attendance records
  • Instructor feedback
  • Line manager and/or learner feedback
Questions to Be Answered Method
  • Does participation match forecast? If not, why not?
  • Are learners attending/using the solution as it was designed? If not, why not?
  • Have enough learners completed the training to justify higher levels of evaluation?
Use LMS to capture and report participation rates
  • Entry of roster into LMS (Live)
  • Completions posted in LMS (WBT)
“Spot” phone calls to identify early issues
  • Check-in with instructors
  • Check-in with learner/manager
  • Following launch and continuously monitored throughout lifecycle
Stakeholders Use Info To . . .
  • Design/development team
  • Learning management team
  • Business sponsors
  • Revise content, if utilization problems
  • Assess deployment progress against targets
  • Reinforce employee interest in and importance of training
Reporting Requirements
  • Monthly
  • On-demand track
  • Completions
  • In progress
  • No show
  • By curriculum/course
  • By instructor
  • By delivery type
  • By region/district
  • By time frame
Implementation Considerations
  • Do we have the necessary technology in place
  • Do we have sufficient in-house expertise
  • Do we have resources to administer, maintain, and monitor ...

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