Bluetooth: A Cable Replacement Technology 161
Chapter 11
New Protocols
In a need to evolve and provide better use cases, the Bluetooth SIG have architected
additional protocols that underlie a new range of profiles, as illustrated in our previ-
ous section. You will notice that a significant number of protocols now surround the
audio/video-base of applications, as shown in Table 11.9.
The furor and the push into a wireless existence for the consumer perhaps stems from
the plethora of Bluetooth applications and a vision of Bluetooth wireless technology
that seems to have been muted. But, what happened? Who tripped along the way and
shattered a vision that was perceived to be all clear and all knowing? At one point in
time, Bluetooth was accused of being the “jack of all trades” and “master of none.”
And, perhaps it was also guilty of losing its path, its direction of the basic premise, in
that it was merely a cable replacement technology. Today, it seems to have been
demoted to a technology that merely serves a cable replacement for a cellular phone
and its headset and perhaps the automobile. Its destination and future is still unclear,
at the time of writing, even with its recent alliance with UWB, which to be honest
seems a desperate endeavor to hold on to a dream of sustaining dominance.
Bluetooth wireless technology needs a type of genius that allows it to sustain a
perception of need and this may have been successfully portrayed in a US advertise-
ment of a very well-known brand of consumer electronics. In the advert we see a small
girl preparing herself for her first stage performance. In her excitement she continu-
ally seeks the approval of her parents who are filming the event. It appears that the girl
seems to be upset as she assumes her parents who are set away back from the stage will
not be able to effectively capture her performance. But, upon arriving home, the
family view the film together and the little girl is astonished and excited when she per-
ceives the film to be singularly about her, as all you can hear is the little girl’s dialogue.
Protocol Acronym Version
Audio/Video Control Transport Protocol AVCTP v1.2
Audio/Video Distribution Transport Protocol AVDTP v1.2
Bluetooth Network Encapsulation Protocol BNEP v1.0
Table 11.9 A summary of the new protocols which provide the foundation to a number of
adopted Bluetooth Profiles

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