Developing Progressive Web Applications

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A progressive web app (PWA) is a new way to deliver an app-like experience to a mobile device. Instead of downloading an app from a store, the mobile’s browser takes the user to the PWA’s URL. Visit the URL often enough and the browser asks, “Do you like this PWA?” If the user answers yes, the PWA will show up as an icon on the mobile’s home screen. It’s a paradigm shift for delivering Internet experiences that’s safe to access, SEO discoverable, works online or offline, and shows up on any device. Mobile guru Max Firtman gives you entre to the new world of PWAs in this overview of what they are, how to spot them, how to make them, and why you should make them.

  • Discover what a progressive web app is and how to recognize one
  • Review the current features, capabilities, and limitations of PWAs
  • Understand PWA creation and the challenges you’ll face during development
  • Learn the core technologies: Web app manifest, service workers, and web push notifications
  • Review PWA starter kits, UI frameworks, PWA validation, and PWA debugging
  • Understand the basics of PWA web performance optimization
  • Learn how to move a PWA onto platforms that don’t support PWA technology

Maximilano Firtman knows mobile. His site - - tells his story well. 19 years in the field. 10 books (such as the O’Reilly titles Native Web Apps for Android, Web & Native Working Together, and Mobile HTML5) . 3,705 pages written. 198 talks. 388 trainings. 191 (and counting) posts and articles...and virtually all of it about mobile.

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  • Title: Developing Progressive Web Applications
  • Author(s): Maximiliano Firtman
  • Release date: July 2016
  • Publisher(s): O'Reilly Media, Inc.
  • ISBN: 9781491964200