Chapter 4. MIDP User Interface

Develop rich mobile phone user interfaces using the MIDP UI.

A core feature of the MIDP technology is its support for developing mobile phone user interfaces. The MIDP provides a set of Java APIs known as the LCDUI, which has functionalities similar to the Java Abstract Windows Toolkit (AWT) and Swing APIs in the desktop world. This chapter covers mobile phone UI development using the MIDP APIs. Our focus is the MIDP 2.0 API, which is standard on all Nokia Developer Platform 2.0 devices. At the time of writing (late 2004), Developer Platform 1.0 devices, which are based on MIDP 1.0, still have a large installed base. Hence, the key differences between the MIDP 2.0 and MIDP 1.0 API are also briefly covered throughout ...

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