Chapter 7. Next Steps

Hopefully this book has given you an introduction into the main points and requirements when developing applications with Couchbase, but it is not an exhaustive guide to all of the functionality or all of the different use cases and scenarios. In this chapter, we’ll look at some pointers for more information on how to get the best out of Couchbase by using the documentation and guides.

Couchbase Server Resources

The main Couchbase Server guide should tell you everything you need to know about deploying a cluster, and then managing and monitoring that cluster for your application.

  • Chapter 2 contains everything you need to install and configure your new cluster. See this page.

  • Guides on administering and managing your Couchbase Server cluster are located at this page.

  • Administration tools are also very helpful, including the Web Console, Command-line Tools, and REST API.

  • Writing Views and creating indexes within Couchbase Server is a large topic and there are a range of background mechanics, examples, and sample querying solutions, as you can see at this page.

For all other documentation and examples, go to the main documentation page.

Couchbase Developer Resources

Successful application development within Couchbase Server relies on two different aspects: the core methodologies (such as structuring your data, and modeling your documents) and the basic processes of storing, retrieving and updating your data, and the language-specific client library that supports ...

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