Chapter 2

Designing Your Organization


Bullet Evaluating your company’s culture

Bullet Understanding DevOps values

Bullet Crafting a vision statement

Bullet Incentivizing your values

Company culture is best described as the unspoken expectations, behavior, and values of an organization. Culture is what tells your employees whether company leadership is open to new ideas. It informs an employee’s decision on whether to come forward with a problem or sweep it under the rug.

Your employees and colleagues make a thousand decisions a day — all without the help of management. (This is great! Who wants a micromanager?) Culture is what informs those small but incessant decisions, so it behooves you to make sure your company culture is one that benefits the employees and ensures that their working environment is a happy place to be.

I’ve worked for companies with great culture. I’ve also worked at places in which the tension of the environment was palpable. The difference is stunning. In the former, I performed at a higher level, thought outside the box and took risks, and was happy to stay with the ...

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