Chapter 6 Embracing the New Development Life Cycle

Chapter 6

Embracing the New Development Life Cycle


Bullet Understanding the steps in the development life cycle

Bullet Shifting operations to earlier (“left”) in the development cycle

In this chapter, I describe what’s often called the software development life cycle, or pipeline. Although some nuanced differences may exist between the two concepts (depending on whom you ask), I use development life cycle and development pipeline interchangeably.

The tech industry uses the term software development life cycle (SDLC) to describe the process from creating an idea for a new product, application or feature to actually deploying the new software to customers in a production environment. I actually prefer delivery over development because that word removes any implication that developers are the star player in the software life cycle, which would reinforce the old ideas of silos and divisions between developers and operations people.

Many iterations of the development life cycle exist, with various steps, and some involve more steps than mine whereas others involve fewer. In this chapter, I explain how DevOps changes the approach of the development life cycle. I also briefly explain the various phases of that life cycle, each ...

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